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What he doesn't know is that his seemingly harmless ritual is about to become something that weighs more heavily on him than he could imagine.This story shows us just what can happen when you get in over your head, the consequences of your actions, realizing what you want in life, and much more.While going about his daily routine, he is suddenly confronted by Kitahara, who identifies him as the culprit behind the uniform incident, and blackmails him into terrorizing the other girls in the class the same way he dealt with her bullies.Left with little choice, Kurosawa agrees, and thus begins a coming-of-age story that deals with consequences, bullying, and people's ability to change.

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It shows nothing more than what is necessary to get the point across.He begins as an introverted kid who violates people in his thoughts with masturbation, yet in the end he becomes undeniably mature.He battles with self-realization, learns of consequences, finds the good in people, and comes to understand what he wants in life.[Written by MAL Rewrite] Onani Master Kurosawa is something entirely different than what you see at first glance.If you are expecting something erotic or funny, you are looking in the wrong place.I felt his anger when he was betrayed, I felt his hopelessness during his hard times, and I felt his happiness when something warmed his heart.

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