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Ruby twisted herself around to address her teammates' strife.

"Now now, ladies, no need to argue with each other.

Ren sighed when he felt overcrowded by the girls hovering around him to look at the screen."You know…I think this is a streaming broadcast that we could all look at individually." He said putting emphasis on the 'individually' part.

What was said in the title was what really caught their attention."Dating possibilities for Jaune Arc- Live."!

Suddenly the attention of all the girls was absolute and they immediately rushed into the dorm room closing the door behind them to fully scope what it was about.

"The link was inside a message sent to the personal inbox on my scroll and I'm fairly sure you all might have gotten it too, meaning you could all view it on your own scrolls." He stated matter-of-factly earning a collective face-palm from all of them.

The rest of them each brought out their personal scrolls and reacted in utter surprise when noticing that the very same message link was indeed in all their inboxes."How or why did we receive this?

Down the halls skipped Ruby Rose in her usual Red/black ensemble followed by Yang, Blake, and her tsundere partner Weiss Schnee."So are you all up for a movie night this time or are we going into town for the carnival?

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