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It is a matter of history who were elevated to the honour of apotheosis, on what grounds, and by whose authority; no less clear is the meaning that was attached to it. Apotheosis was awarded to most members of the imperial family, of which family it was the exclusive privilege. It must be obvious, however, that while private moral certainty of their sanctity and possession of heavenly glory may suffice for private veneration of the saints, it cannot suffice for public and common acts of that kind.Often the decree was due to the statement of a single person (possibly bribed or enticed by promises, and with a view to fix the fraud more securely in the minds of an already superstitious people) that while the body of the new god was being burned, an eagle, in the case of the emperors, or a peacock (Juno's sacred bird ), in the case of their consorts, was seen to carry heavenward the spirit of the departed (Livy, Hist. No regard was had to virtues or remarkable achievements. No member of a social body may, independently of its authority, perform an act proper to that body.These details are important as they allow us to ensure we can reach you in a timely manner, and are put onto a boat with likeminded travellers.Our team will hold space for you onboard and email you a quote in which you'll be able to make payment online through our customer portal to secure your space.If by chance restrictions apply in the ports, the air-conditioning will be run by onboard generators until midnight when they must be turned off to allow for guests to sleep. The prices reflect the level of demand - so cheaper prices are available in the quieter parts of the season (i.e.

The Catholic Church canonizes or beatifies only those whose lives have been marked by the exercise of heroic virtue, and only after this has been proved by common repute for sanctity and by conclusive arguments. The decision as to the martyr having died for his faith in Christ, and the consequent permission of worship, lay originally with the bishop of the place in which he had borne his testimony.Ignatius in the "Acts" of his martyrdom (Ruinart, Acta Sincera Martyrum, 19) "might hold communion with the generous martyr of Christ ( generoso Christi martyri communicarent ).Martyrs whose cause, so to speak, had been discussed, and the fame of whose martyrdom had been confirmed, were known as proved ( vindicati ) martyrs. Abuses, however, crept into this form of discipline, due as well to indiscretions of popular fervour as to the carelessness of some bishops in inquiring into the lives of those whom they permitted to be honoured as saints. We must first distinguish causes of martyrs from those of confessors or virgins, since the method followed is not entirely identical in both cases. XX, xxi), Catholics, while giving to God alone adoration strictly so-called, honour the saints because of the Divine supernatural gifts which have earned them eternal life, and through which they reign with God in the heavenly fatherland as His chosen friends and faithful servants. There is indeed "one mediator of God and man, the man Christ Jesus ". It is objected that the invocation of saints is opposed to the unique mediatorship of Christ Jesus.The chief difference, however, lies in the meaning of the term canonization , the Church seeing in the saints nothing more than friends and servants of God whose holy lives have made them worthy of His special love. The bishop inquired into the motive of his death and, finding he had died a martyr, sent his name with an account of his martyrdom to other churches, especially neighboring ones, so that, in event of approval by their respective bishops, the cultus of the martyr might extend to their churches also, and that the faithful, as we read of St.

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