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How to Implement AI and Machine Learning The next wave of IT innovation will be powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

We look at the ways companies can take advantage of it and how to get started.

Although sites such as Facebook are using AI to find fake news and offensive live video, the problem will still persist so that Facebook can still allow its users to share opinions and content.

It will be a while yet before we believe how much AI chatbots can help us.

For more information on the upcoming change, we invite you to read our blog post.

When people hear about artificial intelligence, they have one of two responses: they are terrified of a Skynet dystopia, or they are excited for the new possibilities afforded by machine learning and robotics.

AI can also solve communications overload such as the office food order.

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Communications platform x Matters has predicted that virtual assistants will advance from novelties, status symbols, and small conveniences to indispensable business tools.While 2017 will not be the year that humanoid, Westworld-esque robots work alongside us or take over all of our jobs, we will definitely be seeing an even smarter circulation of "alternative facts".We will see greater capabilities from AI in facilitating business processes such as services, software delivery and IT infrastructure changes.We already question influencer authenticity when we see overtly sponsored posts by human celebrities.Although chatbots are creeping in to our work and home lives, fake news propagation means we will continue to mistrust their information until we no longer notice they are there.But a chatbot isn’t a human, and there are some things a virtual agent isn’t suited for.

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