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Now what make you think that caller would make such statement? Others in the family who don’t have small children don’t. Not everyone in Brunei have maid as claimed and yet this is the kind of thinking coming from a teenager?

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The concern is that, in preparing a bottle by heating to a high temperature in a steriliser and/or microwave, babies could ingest a small quantity of BPA, which leaches out of polycarbonate bottles more easily if they have been heated to a high temperature.

There is, as yet, no long term research or evidence to support a major health scare, and the latest report from the US National Institutes for Health puts their alert level mid-way between low and high, and advises ‘some concern'.

Is she assuming that everyone in Brunei owns a maid? Lets talk about having a maid or ‘amah’ as we Bruneians called them. For one obvious reason, its for those who have young children need some one to look after their children.

Of interest, I stumbled across an online news from Jakarta Post on an Indon amah who celebrated Hari Raya with her family after ending her two-year contract.

The current advice for concerned parents who are bottle feeding, is to either switch to glass bottles, OR use a hot water-filled jug or bottle warmer to heat existing polycarbonate bottles, OR to switch to one of the many BPA-free bottles and cups now available in the UK.

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