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Fefe wanted to show him her new song and Klever liked what he heard.He then asked for the stems and began constructing this masterpiece. Wow I thought it was just rumors but its so obvious now. I ran into this recent interview of Fefe where she addresses the rumors about Rihanna stealing her style. I remember Rihanna sporting this look not too long ago. We all know the star tattoo that Rihanna has on her back, Fefe has the same one but in color: (image via google search) What do you guys think?I agree everyone is entitled to be inspired and dress however they like but the tattoo thing is way too much for me. First off Fe Fe never went around saying Rihanna copied her style its her fans and anti-Rihanna people that started making comparisons with side by side photos etc. I wasn’t associated with it anymore, but do I get comparison… And it's not just one tattoo as far as I'm concerned it's a couple of different ones also but I couldn't find them on google. In this interview she simply answers, quite diplomatically I might add, all the petty internet bickering thats been going on. Things weren’t working out the way we had wanted and it was time to part ways and let me create some things. Avril was first in the sense of that girl movement. Growing up, no one believed Fefe Dobson when she said she'd be working alongside artists like Justin Timberlake...until she started opening for him.

Be sure to grab your copy as it is up for free download and check out Klever’s Twitter and Instagram to keep up with what he’s into.

Now, she's a platinum selling singer who's penned songs for big namers like Miley Cyrus and Jordin Sparks. The rocker g URL opened up to us about her slightly awkward teen years, getting over bullies, and how you can rise to the top, just like she did.

g URL: What challenges do you face as a g URL who rocks?

The bullying or the effects that happened to you when you were a kid are things that resurface when you're an adult.

This track got started a few months back when Fefe, Yelawolf, and Klever were hanging out in New York.

You face that kind of challenge, especially in this genre with the tons of challenges of being a girl and being confident.

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