Father dating much younger woman

From then on, emails became more and more sporadic.

I’d bite my lip and send him a brief message but sometimes he wouldn’t even reply.

On their honeymoon, my father came to the UK to show off his new bride, because none of his family or friends attended the wedding in Fiji.

Personally I don't have a problem with people finding love with someone that might be younger enough to be his daughter. Neither is there anything wrong with men who have never been married dating younger women.

Sometimes there might be a question about why the younger women date the older man.

The girls who are willing partners in this have their own motives in getting into these relationships.

I remember one case in Florida where a retired soldier, who had lost his wife after she died from a long term illness, married a 21 year old girl . She would be with him till death they do part and when he died she inherited all he had.

Which is why, when I recently read that Formula 1 chief Bernie Ecclestone’s daughter Tamara was planning to boycott her father’s wedding to Fabiana Flosi — who is 46 years his junior — I had to sympathise.

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