Fakers online dating

Not only is live Skype a pretty clear way to rule out fakers, it also allows you to feel a bit more comfortable with them before meeting up in real life, if you’re nervous. There are people online who set up fake profiles and try to find their way around GPS programmes, and anything else they can overcome, to trick you.If they speak the sort of English that make your school teachers concerned, then they might not really be from where they say you are.If that online dating profile sounds too good to be true, it probably is.One in ten profiles is fake, according to research from dating website Seeking Arrangement.com, which deletes more than 200 fraudulent accounts every day.Of course, them being your idea of gorgeous and interesting and clever and everything else you dream of in a partner doesn’t mean they aren’t real, but it’s worth considering if there are gaps in their claims when they seem that way.If you don’t think they’d ever consider you in real life, that this unimaginably beautiful person on the internet is probably too good to be true.

People set-up fake online profiles to try and masquerade as someone else, to get money, to get simple sexual pleasures online or just because they get a thrill from the act of fakery itself.

Wade’s company compiled a list of the most common characteristics from the 60,000 accounts it’s deleted to help singles spot warning signs.

“Scammers tend to prey on a few things,” Wade said.

“In reality, Native Americans represent less than 2% of our population.” The bogus accounts are more likely to belong to a woman (71%) than a man (29%).

Catholicism is the most common religion among the fake profiles.

“We’re not talking about lying about your age or weight; we’re talking about scammers who are trying to take your money,” CEO Brandon Wade told the Daily News.

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