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Visit it when it chimes on the hour and keep an eye on your valuables – this is the favorite spot of Prague’s pickpockets. Its very touristy and the tours on offer at the Information office are, in our opinion, a tourist trap. Vitus, walk the Golden Lane, stroll through the Gardens for great views of the city.Then walk outside the Castle Gates and explore Castle Square.This huge boulevard is the site of most of the major historical events to have occurred in Prague. It is created by famous Czech artist David Černý (you’ll see some of his statues all over town, including another couple further below). The Beneficial Brick Initiative is a charity fundraiser created to help mentally handicapped people better integrate into society.A history lesson on the years of Communism in what was then Czechoslovakia. For a donation of 150 Kč (about US) you can paint a brick with your choice of colors and add it anywhere you want on the pile of stacked bricks. The Czech Republic drinks more beer than any other country.Originally a Jesuit college, it was transformed into a library in the early 1700s. A few examples: 1) Ghost from Mozart’s Don Giovanni (by Anna Chromy) located outside the Estates Theatre, 2) David Černý’s babies crawling up the Žižkov Television Tower, 3) Franz Kafka Statue by Jaroslav Rola in Jewish Quarter. If you have anything interesting we’ll add them to the list.Highlights of a tour include the Baroque Library Hall, an astronomical Tower (180 degree views over the Old Town), and the mirror Chapel. Some websites for people who can’t get enough of statues here and here. But there are more things that pop to mind; 51) The Grand Hall at the main train station, 52) the food markets that move around the city (great way to interact with farmers and locals), 53) Vegan food at a branch of Loving Hut – even for a non-vegetarian like me it was fantastic, 54) Church of Our Lady of the Snows near Wenceslas Square. As this is our wrap-up post on Prague and the Czech Republic and there are a few people we’d like to thank: Irene who arranged for us to get this great apartment and helped us out with so many details. When we first arrived we were a bit overwhelmed by the language barrier, the logistics of getting things done, and number of tourists in the city center.We also found Prague to be incredibly efficient when it comes to dealing with those day to day things that at first seemed a challenge. Just off the Old Town Square, this tower is one of the city’s most famous attractions.

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Make sure to wear a sailor shirt and say “ahoy” to anyone you see – it’s one of the favorite things Czechs like to do. A tour will usually last 20 minutes and cost between 800 – 1000 Kc ( – ).It is the nicest stroll, with the greatest views, in Prague. Today, the wall represents a symbol of global ideals such as love and peace. A lesser known museum, this museum has a collection of trams and buses from Prague’s history, some dating back to the 1800’s.This is the House of the Black Madonna, the first and probably most celebrated example of cubist architecture in Prague. Interesting photographs through the ages, including WWII. Besides being a stupendously beautiful city, it is an easy city to live in; full of pretty cafes, lively bars, peaceful parks, and a wonderful transportation system. But you can’t see Prague without a visit to this square. With time we discovered many of Prague’s hidden treasures, some quiet retreats, and some lesser-known attractions that actually ended up being highlights for us. Lots of tourists and street performers – you might feel overwhelmed by all the action going on.You can actually keep yourself busy up here all day without taking one of their tours.

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