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What was probably my most memorable boyhood enema experience was the time I was tricked into preparing my own enema solution. My medications have a tendency to cause constipation.

The whole thing started out like most of my enemas did. In a few minutes I am going to prepare a nice warm soapy enema just for pleasure. My girl friend recently got in to enemas after her friend told her she takes them before anal so my girl friend has been taking them for about four months now.

I started getting enemas when I was twelve years old. By the age of 15 I graduated my daily enemas from the 2 qt. They told me to take a warm shower and come lay on the bed.

Of course I had an idea I was gonna get some good loving and caring from them.

I tend toward constipation, so I love to give and receive enemas.

I especially like urine, castile soap, salt water, coffee, Coke, or milk enemas.

The shirtwaist skirt and slip were still on the bed... You are invited to read at your own risk, none of it is true. This story is a strange mix of ******, anal exploration, fetish, D/s, and more.

So if you're one of the ones who applied and never heard back, it's worth it to try again.While he stood debating whether to take them to the bedroom and...Ever since I was a baby, I've had a terrible constipation problem.free chat website that lets you connect with people quickly and easily.Featuring mobile chat rooms as well, helps you find and connect with single women and men throughout the globe.What I would like to know is how old are you and when did you know you liked taking enemas. Love the feel of the pushing and the pulling of the large, hard plastic nozzle in me. As soon as I got home from my 24 hour shift, the shift where I once again held in my poo for the whole 24 hours, I decided I was gonna have some fun. I am now 63-years old and still like taking enemas.

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