Ed swiderski and jaclyn swartz dating

It can be easy to only see one side of a person on a TV show.

After all, editing tries to tell a story and it can twist scenarios to make you look better or worse.

He thoroughly enjoys rush-kicking in doors, taking down criminals and flashing his tats.

He is very similar to a 90's action movie hero in that he wants what every hero wants — the money and pretty girl on his arm. David Mallett ABC's description: David is a fan of the show, but an even bigger fan of women and money.

are among the cast competing for the 0,000 prize.

VIDEOS: ' The Bachelor': Backstage Interviews From the ' Women Tell All' Special Kalon Mc Mahon, who appeared on the current season of with Emily Maynard, will be among the residents.

Season 16 with Ben Flajnik Known For: Her grand Night 1 entrance on a horse and being rejected by Ben in the finale.

(Watch our interview with her here.) VIDEO: Ben's "exes" count down our Top 5 moments from this season of Season 16 with Ben Flajnik Known For: Calling Shawntel "Brad's dumpster trash" (watch the clip here) and (shameless plug alert!

Donna graduated third in her class, and loves drawing and writing songs.

She knows people underestimate her intelligence because of her beauty — little do they know she has no problem playing it up and using her beauty and brains to win the money.

Donna would love to go on a date with Michael Stagliano.

As an MMA fighter, David feels right at home being competitive and has earned the name "Kamikaze" because when he fights he either wins or dies trying.

recaps in her college newspaper and admits she will be a bit star-struck.

Former contestants Kalon Mc Mahon, Rachel Trueheart, Blakely Jones, Lindzi Cox, Sarah Newlon, Jamie Otis, Erica Rose, Chris Bukowski, Michael Stagliano, Ed Swiderski, Reid Rosenthal, Jaclyn Swartz, Ryan Hoag, Nick Peterson and Tony Pieper were all a part of this journey to find love (again), and more importantly, to try and win 0,000. For the first time this season, ABC included a group of Super Fans into the mix.

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