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However, stroke order could still not yet be ascertained from the steles, and no paper from that time is extant.The true starting point of stroke order is the Lìshū style (clerical script) which is more regularized, and in some ways similar to modern text.These stroke order standards are prescribed in conjunction to each government's standard character sets.The various official stroke orders agree on the vast majority of characters, but each have their differences.Since stroke order also aids learning and memorization, students are often taught about it from a very early age in schools and encouraged to follow them.The Eight Principles of Yong (永字八法 Pinyin: yǒngzì bā fǎ; Japanese: eiji happō; Korean: 영자팔법, yeongjapalbeop, yŏngjap'albŏp) uses the single character 永, meaning "eternity", to teach eight of the most basic strokes in Regular Script.For those characters (the vast majority) which were later engraved into the hard surface using a knife, perhaps by a separate individual, there is evidence (from incompletely engraved pieces) that in at least some cases all the strokes running one way were carved, then the piece was turned, and strokes running another way were then carved.

Stroke order is also attested in other logographic scripts, e.g. Chinese characters are basically logograms constructed with strokes.The stroke order 1000 years ago was similar to that toward the end of Imperial clear in the Kangxi dictionary of 1716; but in a modern book, the official stroke order (the same) will not appear clearly.No governmental standard matches traditional stroke orders completely.The differences between the governmental standards and traditional stroke orders arise from accommodation for schoolchildren who may be overwhelmed if the rules about stroke orders are too detailed, or if there are too many exceptions.If you can provide recordings, corrections or additional translations, please contact me.

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