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Base notes leave a cover of woody accords of sandalwood, cedar, olive wood and sensual musk.Flacon of this perfume is made of see-through glass, created just like its antecedent from 2008, Versace.Decent sillage not extremely long lasting but more than 4 hours. You certainly smelled it in a dozen other perfumes before.First of all – we are talking about completely unisex type of fragrance tha opens up with incredibly fresh and spicy punch of bergamot and citruses and a hint of pear – although not very sweet one. I wouldn`t get it for myself, as I have other summer perfumes a lot more distinctive than this one, but if I didn`t I might get a small bottle just to have something for the warmer days.This is obviously of higher quality but just a thought!Helps aid seasonal depression because I definitely feel better wearing this during the wintry blues.This is amazing, a really sparkeling and creamy green that projects and lasts. The creamy green vibes last through drydown but with wood and ginger entering the mix.

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This scent is masculine and different to most fragrances on the market for women- it could easily pass for unisex in my opinion. Citrus woody perfumes have and will always be my favourite, and this fragrance reaffirmed why this is so- I tested this scent yesterday and I am smelling the strip as I type this now and this fragrance is just profound. Definitely in the top 10 sexiest fragrances I have ever tried.

It is citrus woody and aromatic which gives it a creamy well blended softness. This scent will always make me think of Italy, which is where I first bought it. Somewhere there delicate narcissus and jasmine give floral tones, but such tiny, after 30 minutes appear on the skin. I understand that people who like these types are satisfied because they are lasting. I'm usually into very upbeat/feminine/loud (white) florals, but this is the definition of comforting, smooth, skin-like scent.

This perfume is the definition of a citrus done well. It makes me think of long walks in Capri, sunsets in Sorrento and wandering the back streets of Florence. Not huge, but feel at a distance, you do not need to approach. I guess it's conventionally a warm weather scent, but I can imagine it as fitting and soothing also during winter.

I hadn't heard of this fragrance before and I really like it. It's super pleasant and safe, but still with a strong personality and definitely recognizable after smelling it even few times.

It's very citrusy and aromatic with a fresh spiciness and a nice cedar dry down. I think the house of Versace should have named this one as Eros instead...

Versense is a walk in a fragrant garden, which contributes to freshness and a stream of feelings, as well as to self-esteem and vitality.

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