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Town of Ramsgate was known originally as the Red Cow; after a rather bad-tempered red-head barmaid.

She died in 1848 the widow had died, the cottage became a pub, taking the name 'The Widow's Son' to remember a mothers grief.This historic pub built in 1520 during the reign of Henry VIII, when surrounded originally with empty fields.It was first called the Devil's Tavern, soon to be the haunt of smugglers and thieves, who sold bodies, washed up by the Thames to medical schools.Watling Street, built by the Romans in perfectly straight sections and the first direct highway from the Kent Coast to North Wales.Watling Streets route through the City of London is punctuated by St Pauls Cathedral, which virtually blocks its path.One can only speculate whether the Pilgrim Fathers had a few swift beers in the Shippe before embarking on The Mayflower, as that would confirm the statement of whether 'The people who founded America must have been p****d!

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