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Joe Simpson (the creepest and dumbest manager of all time) then proceeded to do the creepest and dumbest move of all time by leaking a completely fallacious romatic entanglement between Simpson and Mayer.That didn’t work out, neither Jessica nor Mayer where very happy with the turn of events, and Creepy Joe Simpson back-pedalled in a very creepy way: by firing John Shuter.However, a week from then came major denials from both Mayer and Simpson.

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People magazine ran a cover story suggesting the love association between Simpson and Mayer and quoted Simpson as saying that she’s in love.

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But seriously: who could’ve asked for the firing of Simpson’s publicist.

Not ditzy Jessica, who apparently adored Shuter with all her heart.

You know, that alone — you’ve gotta be a pretty remarkable character to take that on in the first place, and she actually did.”“We’ll sit down and work out what we’re doing going forward. Everybody’s delighted with the recovery; we’ve been seeing Steven Zeitels, her doctor, and she’s singing better than ever.

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