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“What Is Love,” meanwhile, samples Haddaway’s uber-cheesy Euro-techno theme and, through some Herculean feat of irony-negation, finds the lonely pain at the song’s center and turns it into an airy dirge about disillusionment with the music industry.

I’m going to miss the raw scrappiness of the younger Crime Mob, but I’m starting to get really amped about the prospect of seeing what they can do with the wisdom and experience that a couple of years in the record-industry treadmill must’ve given them.

But Lil Jon signed them to his BME imprint and, surprisingly enough, allowed them to develop their sound with virtually no interference.

On Crime Mob’s self-titled debut album, there’s one Lil Jon beat and one Oomp Camp beat, and every other track comes from Lil J.

"I didn't like it at first until I went in the club," said M.

Since making waves in 2004 with “No Problems,” Lil Scrappy has actually run into several “problems” in both his personal and professional life.

“Rock Yo Hips,” the first single, is basically a snap song, but it’s a good snap song.

They’ve invented their own dance and everything, and it’s not as much fun to hear 19-year-old girls rapping about how sexy they are as it was to hear 16-year-old girls rapping about beating you up, but the track has some of the same spacey repetition and unbridled enthusiasm as “Knuck If You Buck.” If I had access to a car with some subwoofers, I could tell you if Lil J is still manufacturing violent bass-pounds, but I don’t, so I can’t.

I’d check the internet every once in a while to figure out if they were up to anything, but I wasn’t really expecting anything.

In 2008, the Atlanta nearly lost all his teeth in a fight that broke out in at a show in Florida and got stabbed in a separate incident, and he’s changed labels more times than a store clerk.

After parting ways with Lil Jon, who originally paired Scrappy with Trillville for a 2004 dual album, Scrap linked up with 50 Cent, who co-executive produced his official solo debut, XXLMag.com: First off, what happened to ignite the move from Lil Jon to 50?

Crime Mob came from Ellenwood, a suburb outside Atlanta.

When “Knuck If You Buck” trickled up from the deep South to Baltimore radio, the oldest member of Crime Mob, rapper/producer Lil J, was 19 years old.

Over the last couple of years, the world has moved past Crime Mob.

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