Deep dating tantra


This was exactly what my mind, body and soul were crying out for.

The most astonishing thing about my journey with David so far is my willingness to trust him completely. (I have the ME syndrome) But I have followed it closely in good faith believe it has helped be become more aware and a better person.

Describing I’ve had many Tantra Sessions with David each one being equally amazing but different than the one before.

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The energy I felt running through my body was incredible.I’m no longer fighting an internal battle between my observations of high sexuality vs.spiritual ideals mixed with dubious ethics and the unconscious yet preliminary sublimation of my emotional needs, values and intuitions.It was literally the most sensational thing I’ve ever experienced, it was one of the most intense single orgasms I’ve ever had!The best way to describe it is an orgasm times 100, my entire body vibrated with orgasmic energy.My job was to embrace everything so emotions could be released.

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