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The North Star Archaeological Research program and chair in First American Studies at Texas A&M; the Elfrieda Frank Foundation; and the National Geographic Society funded the work.I have a picture of a man with his dog in a car and I'm trying to approximate the date of the picture to help figure out which relative is in the picture.In her younger days before she became famous, Sadie Robertson was interested in athletics and was an accomplished basketball player.She got all the encouragement from her family in her pursuit of a career in television.The site is a slam-dunk pre-Clovis site with unequivocal artifacts, clear stratigraphy, and thorough dating." (Texas A&M University), the findings come from excavation of the Page-Ladson site near Tallahassee, an archaeological site that is 26 feet underwater in a sinkhole on the Aucilla River.

“The Page-Ladson site gives us another clue about the first people to explore and settle the Americas,” Waters says.Clearly, people were all over the Americas earlier than we thought.” Additionally, the evidence from Page-Ladson and the other sites shows that people coexisted with and hunted large mammals, such as the mammoth and mastodon, before they became extinct.“Page-Ladson is an important site that has yielded important information about the First Americans and about the journey of our own species.” Researchers from the University of Minnesota, the University of Texas, the University of Arizona, Stafford Research Laboratories in Colorado, Aucilla Research Institute in Florida, and the Universities of Exeter and Cambridge are coauthors of the study.These people were well-adapted to this environment.The site is a slam-dunk pre-Clovis site with unequivocal artifacts, clear stratigraphy, and thorough dating.” Clovis is the first widespread prehistoric culture that appeared about 13,000 years ago.The photo is likely taken in either Texas (more likely) or Missouri.

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