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That insight prompted me to work with a relationship coach who took me through the very same program I now use to guide my coaching clients. I learned tons about my patterns in relationships—and how to use my new awareness to recognize and avoid them when they cropped up.

I also gained the confidence to pursue one of my passions (swing dancing! I felt happy, and I had clarity and confidence around the type of life partner I wanted.

I was working as a therapist, was married, and had two young children. In that process, I came to understand what I didn’t want in my next relationship.

My work as a relationship coach grew out of my personal experience, actually.

I came to believe that in order to find someone to share my life with, I needed to be a successful, fulfilled, and happy single person.

Hardly a week goes by that you don’t hear about a couple that met online, so obviously online dating has its successes.

So far, my clients do it, but really don’t like it.

As the saying goes, you can meet your partner anywhere—you just need to be looking for him!

I know people who married their plumber, who met on airplanes or who, like myself, met their husband swing dancing.

What’s your best advice for women who are just getting back into the dating scene at 40 or later?

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