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Deutsche Fassung English version E-009523/12 by Angelika Werthmann to the Commission Subject: VP/HR - The attack on 14-year-old Malala Deutsche Fassung English version E-009524/12 by Angelika Werthmann to the Commission Subject: Baumgartner's jump from the stratosphere Deutsche Fassung English version E-009525/12 by Angelika Werthmann to the Commission Subject: More women in the world of work Deutsche Fassung English version E-009526/12 by Angelika Werthmann to the Commission Subject: More women in employment increase GDPDeutsche Fassung English version E-009527/12 by Angelika Werthmann to the Commission Subject: Another special arrangement for the UKDeutsche Fassung English version E-009528/12 by Angelika Werthmann to the Commission Subject: Biodiversity targets not met Deutsche Fassung English version E-009529/12 by Angelika Werthmann to the Commission Subject: Biodiversity targets not met - situation in Cyprus Deutsche Fassung English version E-009530/12 by Laurence J. Versione italiana English version E-009559/12 by Oreste Rossi to the Commission Subject: Digital Agenda: revitalisation initiatives and new perspectives for the rights of digital users Versione italiana English version E-009560/12 by Oreste Rossi to the Commission Subject: Reference Centres for Organic Farming in Italy - between the promotion of organic research and financial disaster: new funding channels?

Versione italiana English version E-009563/12 by Franz Obermayr to the Commission Subject: Financing problem - cost of dismantling nuclear power plants Deutsche Fassung English version E-009564/12 by Mario Borghezio to the Commission Subject: Undue use of asylum procedures in the Balkans Versione italiana English version E-009565/12 by Ana Miranda and François Alfonsi to the Commission Subject: Extradition procedure against Firat Demirkiran Versión española Version française English version E-009566/12 by Nigel Farage to the Commission Subject: EU-Guinea-Bissau Fisheries Partnership Agreement English version E-009567/12 by Claude Moraes to the Commission Subject: Ability of the UK to opt back into pre-Lisbon measures once formal notification of the block opt-out has been given English version E-009568/12 by Matthias Groote and Peter Liese to the Commission Subject: Future timetable for the EU sustainability strategy Deutsche Fassung English version E-009569/12 by Pablo Zalba Bidegain to the Commission Subject: EIB support for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)Versión española English version E-009570/12 by Willy Meyer to the Commission Subject: Establishment of protected feeding zones for necrophagous species Versión española English version E-009571/12 by Sir Graham Watson to the Commission Subject: Electoral law in Kosovo English version E-009572/12 by Diogo Feio to the Commission Subject: ‘Smartshops’ - a danger to public health Versão portuguesa English version E-009573/12 by Matthias Groote to the Commission Subject: Oil fumes in aircraft cabins Deutsche Fassung English version E-009574/12 by Nikolaos Chountis to the Commission Subject: Appropriate action by the Commission to investigate the De Puy scandal and establish responsibilityΕλληνική έκδοσηEnglish version E-009575/12 by Ingeborg Gräßle to the Commission Subject: VP/HR - Fast-track career of an EEAS official: five grades in one year Deutsche Fassung English version E-009577/12 by Hans-Peter Martin to the Commission Subject: Commission strategy on 3D printing Deutsche Fassung English version E-009578/12 by Sergio Gutiérrez Prieto to the Council Subject: MEPs' salaries Versión española English version E-009579/12 by Sergio Gutiérrez Prieto to the Commission Subject: MEPs' salaries Versión española English version E-009580/12 by Konstantinos Poupakis to the Commission Subject: Cost to citizens and insurance funds of plans to entrust notaries with certification and computerised data registrationΕλληνική έκδοσηEnglish version E-009581/12 by Geoffrey Van Orden to the Commission Subject: Offensive EU poster English version E-009582/12 by Geoffrey Van Orden to the Commission Subject: Banking union English version E-009584/12 by Mara Bizzotto to the Commission Subject: Decision to retain visa-free travel for nationals of the Balkan countries Versione italiana English version E-009585/12 by Reinhard Bütikofer, Sven Giegold, Franziska Katharina Brantner and Judith Sargentini to the Commission Subject: Transparency regarding commodity traders Deutsche Fassung Nederlandse versie English version E-009586/12 by Liam Aylward to the Commission Subject: Humanitarian situation in Sudan and South Sudan English version E-009587/12 by Andrea Zanoni to the Commission Subject: Ruling by the Italian Court of Cassation confirms onset of serious cancers may be due to prolonged use of mobile and/or cordless telephones Versione italiana English version E-009588/12 by Willy Meyer to the Commission Subject: Imposition of farm prices by major retailers: commitment to short supply chains Versión española English version E-009589/12 by Ioannis A.Τσουκαλά [5].Όσον αφορά την εφαρμογή, και ιδίως τις ειδικές διατάξεις που αναφέρονται στον δασικό νόμο 998/79, η Επιτροπή δεν έχει δικαιοδοσία να επιληφθεί του θέματος που θίγει η ερώτηση, το οποίο αφορά αποκλειστικά τις αρμόδιες ελληνικές αρχές.(English version)Question for written answer P-009365/12to the Commission Nikos Chrysogelos (Verts/ALE)( 16 October 2012)Subject: Clearance of forest land inappropriately ordered by the Greek Environment Ministry for the purposes of open-pit gold mining in the Khalkidhiki The Arnaia Forestry Department has recently signed a surface clearance protocol with Hellas Gold SA in respect of all forest land referred to in Decision 7633/2012 issued by the Secretary-General of the Macedonia-Thrace Decentralised Administration relating to 327.3 hectares of primeval forest land in Skouries and 85.7 hectares in Kokkinolakkas for the construction of a hazardous waste disposal facility.This decision is already being rapidly put into effect [6].However, under paragraph 14 of Decision 7633/2012, special authorisation referred to in Forestry Law 998/79 and approval of a technical survey for all sub-projects are required.To date only the technical survey for the Skouries sub-project has been approved [7], relating solely and exclusively to work on the principal mine access road as well as the ramp and shaft.δρόμοι προσπέλασης σε αυτά κ.λπ.) και θα εκδώσει τα ανάλογα πρωτόκολλα εγκατάστασης υλοτομικών εργασιών μόνο μετά την προσκόμιση των εγκεκριμένων μελετών των προσαρτημάτων 3,4 και 5 του υποέργου "Μεταλλευτικές Εγκαταστάσεις Σκουριών"" [3], που όμως δεν υπάρχουν [4].Ερωτάται η Επιτροπή:Εκτιμά ότι παρακάμπτονται οι Εγκρίσεις Τεχνικών Μελετών και η Έγκριση Επενδυτικού Σχεδίου που απαιτούνται για να δοθεί η άδεια υλοτόμησης;Συμφωνεί ότι αυτό αντίκειται στην ελληνική και ευρωπαϊκή νομοθεσία; Αν ναι, τι μέτρα προτίθεται να λάβει;Απάντηση του κ.

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