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Straightening sticks is the one part of the process that can be quite time consuming and tedious; it really is a skill to get some of the bends out. Hold the stick between the knees to the straighten it.(These are straightened, but never completely straight.) But try to straighten the sticks too soon and the bark peels off and it just bends back. If someone is over six feet, just divide your height by two.

Most of what is sold as blackthorns are really whitethorn or other woods. if your stick is to 1½ inch diameter and 36 inches long, then it should be close to 2 pounds in weight.Some tip offs: It can be hard to really tell until l you hold it. Francis Mc Caffrey graduated with a business degree and started out as an investment banker with Chase Manhattan, as it was known at the time.Then he become a headhunter for a recruitment firm and after that lived for five years in Asia as a Management Consultant, before returning to Ireland - and settling down in rural Ireland - to raise a family.The way to get around legislation about having a weapon was to call it a walking stick.As a result, traditional sticks are actually thicker than one would think.I produce about 40 a year and my dad makes about 100.

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