Dating supermodels


On the other hand, there are those celebrity-athlete power couples that seem to be the paragon of perfection and balance.It doesn’t seem to get much bigger and better than Tom Brady AND Gisele Bundchen.The models of the Top 50 have risen through the ranks and impressed designers, casting directors, photographers and more.Their combination of prestigious covers, choice campaign bookings and consistent blue-chip editorials sets them apart from their competitors.The man has four Super Bowl rings, and may be the best QB ever, and it’s still the woman who’s bringing in the most money to the household.Regardless of the outcome, it’s popular for athletes to seek out celebrities and vice versa, so let us take a look at those dating and engaged couples today.Of course, this is subject to change: marriage could be around the corner, but so could a quick ending.This is a case of a superstar quarterback dating a beautiful and talented actress, but it may not have been intentional. Munn recently revealed that when she first met the Green Bay Packers' QB, she had no idea he was a football player.

In an increasingly competitive market, flooded with hundreds of "cool editorial girls", it's the campaigns and contracts that are the final index of how crucial a model is at any given moment.Of course, it doesn’t always end well, which leads a curious public to wonder about those who seems to exclusively date athletes, or think about the sort of awkward situations that star couples could get into that make them just like everyone else.I mean, Kim Kardashian did date both Reggie Bush and Kris Humphries - well, she even married Humphries!These beauties have proven themselves and are well positioned to graduate to one of the other major rankings and become future superstars.The campaigns and covers counted here include only the ones booked in the last 12 months with top magazines and fashion & cosmetic brands.Of course since they started dating in early 2014, Munn has become a serious Packers fan.

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