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” That also helps steer the conversation away from a too-intimate discussion of your relationship history or the ins and outs of insemination… That’s what happened to Lisa, now the mom of a toddler. “The men who already have children are very interested and respectful of what I’m doing, even offering to go on doctor visits,” she says.

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’” Other women in this situation say they set it up with something along the lines of: “There’s one big thing going on in my life I should tell you about.

When it comes to intimacy, honesty is key, if you want the relationship to have long-term potential.

No man wants to have the double-whammy surprise of being told his new girlfriend is pregnant—and Women aren’t the only ones putting their long-term reproductive goals ahead of whatever possibilities a new relationship might hold, points out Lori, 43, who’s five months pregnant as a single mom.

I’ve always wanted kids, and the clock is ticking, so I’ve actually started trying to get pregnant with a sperm donor. But it’s the kind of thing I feel like need to be upfront about with anyone I start to date.” Then, to give your date the opportunity to talk about the topic in a less personal way, you can segue into a current-events conversation by adding, “It’s starting to be a bit of a trend these days. That’s great you’re doing it if you want that,’” she says.

Do you know anyone who is thinking about starting a family in this way? “One guy just thought it was cool and cheered me on. Neither turned out to be long-term relationship material, but my trying to conceive wasn’t the deal-breaker.” Other men hit the road immediately, however. “Then you never hear from him again.” Martie finds that her dates’ reactions depend on their parental status.

I had been telling him a goofy story about acupuncture, and he asked why I was doing it.

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