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The dominated language may acquire new elements in lexicon, in phonology, morphology, syntax, pragmatic organization, etc., which can be interpreted as copies of the dominating language.

Balochi has been studied in a contact linguistic perspective before, and most attention was paid to elements of grammatical structure1.

The weight of pressure falls in line with the importance the linguistic domains of Persian hold within the community.

Asymmetric settings of that kind encompass several linguistic phenomena including intensive code-copying.

Instead lexical copies serve as an intermediary for copying phonic and morphological-syntactical features of the model code.

Copies of the Persian model code which become established linguistic features of Balochi are distinguished from ephemeral linguistic switches which are studied within the context of communication situation variables and other linguistic or extra linguistic factors.

Persian was acquired as a second system through schooling, mass media or communication outside of the home.

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