Dating out of your race introverted female dating

I met him as I was leaving and he was entering Lamont Library, he clearly recognized me and was like ' Hey, you never got back to me! He found out when we were on our 'study date' that we were even born on the same day and same month (not the same year~It was getting a bit out of hand!

) :) Anyways, after our study date was over, he offered to walk me to the dorm on campus, Richard's Hall.

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I said ' Well, that's okay, you'll see me when you get back! ' but he responded ' Well, why don't you join me in NY for the weekend? ' Us in France with his family May 2015 for his sister’s wedding!

As soon as the Indian guy left, I went towards the French-American guy and said--' I know Sanskrit too, but it took me a good 15 years to learn it!

Kudos to you to have spent just as much time learning it, and what was the reason behind it?

I was taking classes at Harvard Graduate School of Arts & Sciences but was enrolled in Chemistry & Chemical Biology, he asked if I was taking any courses in Classics and I told him I planned to take ' Greek Heroes which was being offered for the Fall semester'.

He then said, ' Awesome, then you might need my help, I am a TA for that course' in one swift move he offered me his card, with his information on it.

I saw from the corner of my eye, two guys not far from where I was standing (10 feet away) looking in my direction. Clearly I thought, ' I look so funny, possibly that's why 'oh well''.

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