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They couldn’t find it because it was misfiled, but they kept looking and looking all the time. It’s not unusual for her to send out two or three forms a week.

Her face lit up with delight when she learned I was from British Columbia—she can now say she has helped Canadian families from coast to coast. Only the most direct relative may apply for the records of a ‘homechild’ ancestor.

This to me seems a major oversight given the major role in history played by this Home not only in Peterborough but for all of Canada.

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Ivy helps families from all over Canada obtain their records from its After-care division.

Recently Barnardo’s After-Care began charging families about 0 for access to family records, a policy controversial with some. “This still does not pay for it; when you have been there and seen what they go through to find these records—it took three years of going through records to find my father’s picture…. I sat down and had a good cry.” Ivy estimates that she has now helped, directly or indirectly, 1,000 families to obtain their records from Barnardo’s After-Care.

8,914 girls and boys were brought to this home and then sent to various farms and homes as indentured servants. For the first two years of its operation, both boys and girls were distributed through Hazelbrae until it was made exclusively a girls’ ‘home.’ Boys were then distributed through Barnardo’s home in Toronto, run initially by Alfred Owen and from 1919 by John and Rose Hobday.

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