Dating horsehair furniture

A “room” order included not only wall hangings but also tapestry weavings to upholster furniture, cover cushions, and make bed canopies and other items.

Most Western tapestry, however, has been used as a type of movable monumental decoration for large architectural surfaces, though in the 18th century, tapestries were frequently encased in the woodwork.

Each unit of the pattern or the background is woven with a weft, or thread of the required colour, that is inserted back and forth only over the section where that colour appears in the design or cartoon.

As in the weaving of plain cloth, the weft threads pass over and under the warp threads alternately and on the return go under where before it was over and vice versa.

The advantages of wool in the weaving of tapestries have been its availability, workability, durability, and the fact that it can be easily dyed to obtain a wide range of colours.

Wool has often been used in combination with linen, silk, or cotton threads for the weft.

The designing of sets was especially common in Henri-Georges Adam, is a triptych (three panels).

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Since the 14th century, European weavers have used gold and silver weft weaving in that no weft threads are carried the full width of the fabric web, except by an occasional accident of design.Each passage is called a pick, and when completed the wefts are pushed tightly together by various devices (awl, reed, batten, comb, or serrated fingernails in Japan).The weft threads so outnumber the warps that they conceal them completely.Though he followed the painter’s directions and pattern fairly closely, the weaver did not hesitate to make departures from them and assert his own skills and artistic personality.In the Renaissance, tapestries increasingly became woven reproductions of paintings, and the weaver was no longer regarded as the painter’s collaborator but became his imitator.A tapestry set is a group of individual panels related by subject, style, and workmanship and intended to be hung together.

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