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Con is an annual cultural appreciation convention that focuses on anime, manga, and Japanese video gaming. Eat jagerschnitzel or herbed fish while listening to music. Tollini conceived the idea two decades ago while watching her penguins’ courtship ritual, which culminates in what she describes as “bowling pins making love.” “The keepers get there early and we see things that other people don’t see,” Tollini said. “It’s a fundraiser, but it’s definitely not our largest,” said Rachel Nelson, Lowry Park’s director of public relations. “I wish I had a nickel for everybody that has copied me.

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Come hike in the woods and share nature stories while sipping on hot chocolate. A portion of the proceeds will go toward the Shine the Light on Hunger campaign, which supports the Food Bank for the Heartland. The elevated location is innovative—so is the rink—an all-weather “synthetic ice” surface. Admission is a minimum donation of benefiting The Salvation Army. —Joslyn Castle Public Tours Recurring at the Joslyn Castle, 3902 Davenport St. 25 at Midtown Crossing, between 31st-33rd streets and Farnam to Dodge streets. This event allows active toddlers (up to age 5) to explore literacy through song, dance, and play with their caregivers. Genevieve Chandler has been visiting the Lowry Park Zoo since she was a kid, but the tour she got the other night was definitely not the G-rated fare of her childhood.Among the things Chandler, 30, and her date learned on their “Wild at Heart” zoo tour: Male pigs have a unique corkscrew endowment and impressive, um, output; manatees have orgies and don’t really care if their partners are male or female; and a male porcupine has only one four-hour window a year to mate — very carefully, of course.But the giant mammals were content to munch on vegetation while the tour group ate a candlelight dinner in front of the zoo’s massive aquarium windows. “We have only males right now and they don’t seem to care.” Despite the blunt talk on the tour, many in the Saturday crowd in Tampa were coy about their reasons for attending.

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