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Ukrainian education is corrupt, low quality Not even close.

Ukraine ranks fourth highest in percentage of citizens with a higher education, and in the top 40 smartest countries based on math and science scores, according to Business Insider.

Christmas meals that have a symbolic meaning include: Some families celebrate Christmas with a 12-course dinner, with each course representing one of Jesus Christ’s apostles.

After Ukraine gained its independence in 1991, Christmas Day was made a public holiday.

Many Ukrainian Christmas traditions are based on pre-Christian Pagan customs.

With the widespread availability of higher education for women, and increasing career opportunities, fewer Ukrainian women are content to assume traditional roles, and the majority of women in Ukraine, after university, now pursue careers and by the age of 26-28 are yet not married and do not have children.

Ukraine is cold and snowy much of the year Ukraine has a continental climate, with winters that are colder than in Western Europe but summers that are usually hotter.

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