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On 24 February, shortly after President Donald Trump signed an executive order that rolled back federal protections for transgender students, Medium published an open letter by Rose that was addressed to Ivanka Trump.

In it, Rose asked Ivanka Trump to take a stand on behalf of parents like herself.

It was designated Mark IV and featured a mother of pearl card with a single row of figures. Technical Data - Materials: brass case, mother of pearl card - Divisions: 360 deg. x depth): 53 x 16mm - Weight: 130gr - Markings: Manufacturer's name on lid, no.

160 on prism protection and the figures IV and 46 on the base, alongside the British Army's crow's foot symbol ) which was sued by the Swedish makes Instrumentfabriks-Lyth and Svenska Elektro-Industri Co.

The chapter ring was flat and could be rotated by hand by means of two tabs located at 90 (E) and 270 (W) deg. Below: View of the card's divisions through the side window. ) - Casing date: 1944 - Material: brass, traces of black paint Model ME 502 - Mk II Technical Data - Dim. in Czech language) who produced in the 1930's-40's a Bzard-type compass.

"We are both from prominent New York real estate families, we both attended private all-girls schools and went on to earn degrees from Ivy League colleges, and we both married smart Jewish men and now have young children," Rose wrote.

It makes people excited." But in a country where transgender people are routinely killed, it's hard to believe it can really be this simple.

graduation - Colour: black or military green painted case Note: this prismatic instrument is a very simple imitation of the famous british Mk III compasses. 2013) who had inherited the company from his father Fritz Miller in 1951 could not remember having seen items marked like this one. Mirror compasses usually have like the prismatic compasses a double row of divisions on their card: one is printed in normal figures so that angle values can be read with the naked eye directly from above through the crystal. Technical Data - Material: aluminum - Dimensions: 750 x 60 x 17 mm - Weight: 100 gr - External markings: . or a 6400 MILS division but were all delivered with a conversion table stowed in a slot between the capsule and the transparent case body. below the scales D (degrees), G (grades) and M (Mils) plus a 50 mm ruler.

Its design is almost identical with the light-weight PASTO model 206 S (see below) but has a metallic case and no marching course arrow. PROFILE - MILLER is an Austrian company located in Innsbruck. Miller never built light compasses but optical survey devices (theodolites). The other one is printed inverted and can be read in a mirror placed in a lid behind the compass capsule. One model featured a measuring device made of two scales (degrees and percentage) for positive and a negative angle values. It looks like a standard British Mk III but is attached to a pouch or box into which the prism is folded back. Link to a 3-side view and the title page of the user instruction (Sss Precision Mechanics Institute).

Technical Data - Dim.: 65 x 65 x 25 mm - Graduation: 360 clockwise - Weight: 88 g - Clinometer: /- 90, bubble level The cover/mirror can be secured by a screw and activates the transit lock. BARKER & Son) Mark III models were built in Australia during WWII and also from 1966 onwards in Australia by J. The later versions featured a fluid-dampened needle.

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