Dating country songs

So a girlfriend took me out to see George Strait in Hot Country Nights. I was convinced I would meet him because we had backstage passes, but he had the flu that night. We started a conversation that then lasted six-and-a-half years!Reba [Mc Entire] was backstage though and when she saw me, she said, “” Which meant my hair was probably bigger than hers! He asked me to go to the ACMs [Academy of Country Music Awards Show] and we ended up dating.That relationship was incredible though because I got to see everything that goes on in the music industry from the first broken down bus to the first radio interview. We would go through thousands of songs on the bus or with Paul Worley [record producer].

During the band days, my bass player had a garage studio so we recorded there.I don’t think you really know America until you get on a tour bus and stop at almost every city between coasts.Risen Magazine: Your songs have been part of so many soundtracks from Runaway Bride to Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, and even television shows like Desperate Housewives.Amidst the success of her many hit songs; Hyler is still just a fun-loving, down-to-earth country girl who has a passion for creating a good song.We had a chance to sit down with Hyler and chat about her days touring with Collin Raye, balancing family and work life and her first movie endeavor, Like a Country Song.Now that I’ve had hits, it almost feels like a missing part of my career.

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