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Another variety has floral decoration painted directly on the biscuit (unglazed pottery body) against a rich black background (famille noire).Toward the end of the Kangxi reign, a rose-pink made from gold chloride was introduced from Europe.It is difficult to give much practical assistance on the question of Chinese marks.Most of the Chinese marks give the name of the dynasty and that of the emperor.The clays used in porcelain manufacture are usually lower in plasticity and shorter than other pottery clays.In China, the composition and characteristics of northern porcelain differ markedly from that made in the south of the country.

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• When did America begin to import Chinese Porcelain?

Quite often, therefore, dynastic labels cannot be regarded as anything more than an indication of the affinities of the particular object under discussion.

Chinese decoration is usually , also means “happiness.” Five bats represent the Five Blessings—longevity, wealth, serenity, virtue, and an easy death.

Yes, but unlike other lower-fired pottery, porcelain wares do not require glazing to make them impermeable.

So glazes are applied merely for decorative purposes, or to prevent staining.

New colours and glaze effects were introduced, such as eel-skin yellow, snakeskin green, turquoise blue, and an exquisite soft red glaze shading to green (known as “peach bloom”) that was used for small vessels made for the scholar’s desk.

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