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Nothing makes us wonder more about our place in the Galaxy than when strange, unexpected, wonderful things happen to us.

How, on God’s green earth, can a guy end up with a soccer player’s physique without spending a major portion of each week at a gym? Is it possible that the person who made this list doesn’t even know?Women (and men)fall in love every day with people who don’t even come close to anything resembling their dream guy. Somewhere along the way, women started putting way too much effort into their lists, and began creating Mr. You know, there’s a funny image circulating on the web- it features a skeleton all dressed up with her heels and purse, waiting on a park bench.By drawing up a list that’s too long, too specific and too superficial, you’re potentially cutting yourself off from love. It looks like she’s been there so long she simply dried up and became a skeleton. By creating the perfect man on paper, we’re creating an impossible set of criteria for the poor boys or men who do find themselves unlucky enough to cross your path in the dating scene. Now, for those of us who DO need a list…here’s what’s up.“Dating checklists” are everywhere- you may even have one. Chances are, there are items on your “man list” that are equally contradicting, impossible, too specific, uncontrollable or subjective.Consider this: could your very own personal dating checklist seem just as ridiculous as the unfortunate surgeon’s? Sure enough, with only a few seconds of your basic internet browsing you can find examples of all these types of list problems.They’re simply there to remind us of what we already know. The point of a dating checklist isn’t to limit your options and shut out men who could be wonderful matches for you.

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