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As you can see, results can vary based on the type and fit of the bra you wear. If your not happy with the results, check how your bra fits using some basic techniques at Her Room.Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select bra fitting, from there click on our perfect bra fit checklist.Keep in mind if your bust is larger this measuring system will give you the right band size but not the right cup size.Lets get started, first grab your measuring tape and put on your newest, best fitting bra that has an underwire, is not padded or a minimizer bra.Adding inches to your band measurement came about just after World War II when the ideal hour glass figure measured 36, 24, 36.Women wanted to think their measurements were close to this ideal.We subtract our band size from our bust measurement to get a difference of 3. So according to the tape measuring system our models bra size is a 32C.

Wrap the measuring tape directly under your bust, making sure its parallel to the floor.

Here you'll see a long list of bra fit problems, the reason for these and suggestions to give you the correct size. * Cup sizes larger than a D are sometimes sizes as different letters by different brands.

For example, a DDD cup size in one brand may be called an E or F in other brands.

The tape measuring system is just one of many ways to calculate your best fit.

This method isn't always completely accurate but it will give you a great starting point.

We get 38 and a 1/4 when we put the tape measure lower.

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