Dating ampeg cabinets


It was the last year Brian Jones contributed to a Stones album (two tracks on 1969’s last year of the Altamont Speedway Free Festival—which was headlined and organized by the Stones, and billed as “Woodstock West.” Sadly, it’s primarily remembered for its fatalities, including the infamous scuffle between a Hells Angel and a murderous meth user. Ampeg’s Bill Hughes and Roger Cox designed the “Super Vacuum Tube” amps with help from Bob Rufkahr and Dan Armstrong. The 95-pound, 2-channel, 300-watt head was originally loaded with 14 tubes, including six large, volatile 6146 power tubes.

Dynamic Interaction Modeling not only recreates every individual physical component in the amplifier's design, but also the nonlinear behavior between each component and its interaction with other components in the circuit.

And Ampeg’s recent GVT amps are specifically voiced for 6-stringers looking to emulate dating back to his days as an intern in 2007.

He maintains the website and social media, occasionally writes an artist feature, regularly hosts Rig Rundowns, and shoots/edits video for NAMM show coverage.

This Ampeg V-4 Amplifier, Serial Number 162253 with matching Ampeg 4 x 12 Speaker Cabinet, Serial Number 168305 was built during the Magnavox/Selmer era in Elkhart, Indiana, U.

Channel 2 input jack, Volume Channel ONE, Volume Channel TWO, Sensitivity 1 switch, Sensitivity 2 switch (Each -9 d B, -6 d B, 0 d B), Treble control w/3 position 12 d B attenuate, 0, 12 d B boost switch.

Other than that, he spends time with his pitbull and enjoys non-guitar-related hobbies.

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