Dating air force man

The wife of a former firefighter from Massachusetts created a Facebook page to update those who believe they have been affected by the toxins from firefighting gear.Diane Cotter's husband was diagnosed with cancer two years ago and after learning about the effects of PFCs created the Facebook page.

People suffering from different forms of cancers believe exposure to contaminated water from an Air Force base is to blame for their devastating illnesses.

She told Daily Mail Online: 'Our focus is calling attention to the plight of every firefighter who has used AFFF (aqueous film forming foam) or worn turnout gear,' said Diane Cotter.

The Air Force has responded by spending more than million to provide bottled water and filtration systems to the bases.

Former soldiers, firefighters and residents near the Peterson Air Force base in Colorado Springs, Colorado, have been diagnosed with thyroid, prostate and testicular cancers after being exposed to toxic water.

The base admitted last year to accidentally releasing 150,000 gallons of water containing toxic chemicals from firefighting foam into the sewage system, moving the Air Force to spend million in purifiers.

Buildings such as a headquarters, hospital, fire station, water tower, gymnasium, and even a theater were installed.

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