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414 8.3.1 Shipping source spectrum level measurements .

424 8.3.3 Distributed sources on the seabed (crustacea) .

99 3.3.4 Incoherent processing: CW pulse þ energy detector .

126 4.1.3 Factors affecting sound speed and attenuation in pure seawater .

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6 1.3.3 Part III: Towards applications (Chapters 8–11) .

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312 7.1.1 False alarm probability for Gaussian-distributed noise .

94 3.3.2 Definition of standard terms (active sonar) .

95 3.3.3 Coherent processing: CW pulse þ Doppler filter.

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306 6.2.6 Matched filter gain for imperfect replica (coherence loss) 307 6.2.7 Array gain and total processing gain (active sonar) .

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