Darwin dating

Results indicated that, compared to baseline measures, male participants increased the amount they self-presented when anticipating a future interaction with a prospective date.Specifically, male participants emphasized their positive characteristics more if the potential date was less salient (e.g., email meeting) compared to a more salient condition (e.g., face-to-face meeting) or the control conditions.

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I haven't yet paid much attention to the history, since old scientific theories are often obsolete, and new ones should depend only on the evidence that is valid today. I was impressed at the large number of mistakes in the scientific arguments.

► There was a control condition with no pretense of dating.

► Men self-presented deceptively when expected a date.

First, when sediment turns to rock, the word is "lithify". Sediment turns into a sedimentary rock by "compaction" and "cementation".

Third, the word "metamorphose" does not apply, because that is a technical term.

Perhaps Taylor meant to say the entities "are mutually required." In 1984, when this book was first written, the tentative estimate was 3.5 billion years.

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