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Sunjata played the role of a sailor on shore leave on the first post-9/11 themed episode of Sex and The City attempting to woo Sarah Jessica Parker on 2002.He starred as firefighter Franco Rivera on the TV program Rescue Me, and as Reggie Jackson, in the ESPN miniseries, The Bronx is burning.An American actor Daniel Sunjata Condon (staged named Daniel Sunjata), was born on December 30, 1971.He was born and grew up in Evanston, Illinois, USA.In 2003 won a Theater World Award and earned his first Tony nomination for playing a gay baseball player in Taking Me Out.He was also nominated for Tony Awards and Drama Desk Award and was named by People magazine as one of the 50 most beautiful people of the year.

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Which character on Graceland would you be most afraid of IRL? Ten years — you know you'd end up like Howard Hughes, going crazy. I guess I just make a mental note: Oh, I know who I'm dealing with.6. Probably the awe and the fascination people who happen to know that's what you do would have with your job. " That would be kind of cool, you could make up all kinds of stories and they would just have to believe you.14. Would you rather be an undercover agent, your life constantly on the line, living in the Graceland beach house or would you rather live in Elvis Presley's Graceland estate, but you can't leave for 10 years? I've actually heard that people have gone to see Elvis' Graceland it's really not that impressive. I'm not big on singing anywhere other than the shower. I don't know if that will translate to the French bulldog species but we shall see.10. What would be the coolest part about being an undercover agent? Miranda Priestly, I don't think Paul's a very scary boss.21.His fan can catch him on different social networking sites such as Twitter (twitter.com/danielsunjata), Myspace (myspace.com/danielsunjata), Facebook (facebook.com/danielsunjata). Just get together with friends, chill, go out, have some adult beverages, relax. He completed his undergraduate studies at Florida A&M University and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

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