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Character designs were done by both Kenichi Ohnuki and Suzuhito Yasuda.The series was first unveiled under the name "1/144 Gundam Mobile" project by Sunrise, One Manga adaptation and two photonovels were also announced by Sunrise, and currently running on Gundam Ace (Gundam Build Fighters Amazing), Hobby Japan (Gundam Build Fighters Honno), and Dengeki Hobby Magazine (Gundam Build Fighter Document) magazines.The animation studio Madhouse with direction by Yoshiaki Kawajiri and writing by Chiaki Konaka made a four-part OVA series in the 1990s that finished part of the plot, but still left loose ends.In 2002, Masami went on to do a reboot, starting the story over from the beginning.Tsutomu Senkawa was an ordinary kid living in Tokyo.

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One night, during a battle with the alien fugitive Geega, "Berserker Killer" Birdy accidentally attacks Tsutomu, fatally injuring him. Now, as Tsutomu gets used to sharing a body with a girl, they both have to work together for Birdy to complete her mission.

Called in Japan, it's based on a manga that was started and unfinished in the 1980s by Yuuki Masami.

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Gundam Build Fighters is followed by the 2014 sequel Gundam Build Fighters Try.

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