Cousins dating first cousins


Bishop laid out the other aspects of Cousins' micromanagement: "Cousins is half QB, half biology experiment.He spends tens of thousands of dollars annually on saliva testing and brain training, tissue rejuvenation and blood work and massages. He measures his deep sleep and his REM sleep; his hormone, adrenal and testosterone levels; his heart rate and his breathing.Julius Randle and Jordan Clarkson likely aren’t enough to entice Demps and the Pelicans.Brandon Ingram would need to be on the table, and all indications are that he still is off limits.Bleacher Report’s Eric Pincus said on the Lakers Nation Podcast last week that the Lakers will at least put in calls in an effort to obtain George and New Orleans’ big man De Marcus Cousins in the next few weeks.“Plan A for the Lakers is still Le Bron James,” PIncus said.According to Bishop, the day after Cousins' wife went into labor with their first child, Cousins Face Timed from the delivery room into the team's quarterback meeting, despite being excused from practice the day before.

“I don’t see them moving Cousins because one: They’re trying to become a playoff team.The Lakers are itching to make a move ahead of the NBA trade deadline as the bloom is already off the rose when it comes to Magic Johnson running the franchise.The Lakers have done absolutely nothing this season to entice the likes of Le Bron James and Paul George to come to Southern California this summer as they sit it last place in the Western Conference with a record of 11-25.“In a league where you see a lot of small ball play, De Marcus Cousins – that’s their best advantage …I really don’t see De Marcus Cousins getting moved.” The other issues with the Lakers going after Cousins is the cost and the risk that he would go elsewhere this summer.Test it yourself and if you are not satisfied, feel free to leave a comment.

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