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We are preparing for the post-2020 census redistricting in the United States, with a goal to deploy web accessible software using cloud computing infrastructure for all U. College students with no English fluency used our software to draw districts to the Mexican House of Deputies, using District Builder's internationalization features.All members of the public are invited to try out version 1.1 of the District Builder software.You may need to run the command as if you don't have full write permissions to the wiki install directories under your current user.When untarring a tarball package normally a new directory for the new wiki version will be created and you will have to copy the old configuration files and images directory from your old installation directory: , export the files into a clean location, and then copy the old customized files into the new location as described in the previous section.The software can be used for any state or locality.We are working on incorporating other states' data into the software and list the currently available states deployed on Amazon's web services (these states are loaded with 2010 census and election data). These pre-configured versions of the software can be hosted through your own Amazon Web Services account. Keep up-to-date with the latest Public Mapping software development news and connect with other mappers by subscribing to our developers e-mail list.Before proceeding to update the database schema, make a full backup of the wiki, including both the database and the files: You can put the new files into place using FTP or the command line. Using the command line will be much faster than having to upload each single one of the thousands of files via FTP.You should put the decompressed tarball in a new and empty folder on your server.

Now's the time to open it up and find out what's been changed in this release.

If you instead extract the new version directly on top of your old version, rather than in a new directory, you should follow the instructions described in Back up existing files and the database: otherwise, if you've made any customizations you may erase them in a way that leaves you with no reference to re-apply them from.

Extracting a tarball over top of your live copy of Media Wiki can also leave behind files from the old version of Media Wiki which may interfere with the upgraded code.

It enjoys overwhelming bipartisan congressional support. 2020 Data Collection Underway We are collaborating with Open on the collection and processing of precinct election results in preparation for the 2020 redistricting.

We encourage persons interested in volunteering to get involved with this effort.

If you are upgrading to Media Wiki 1.25 or later, you will also need to install some external PHP libraries using Composer or a provided collection maintained for the Wikimedia wiki farm.

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