Christian soulmate dating

Here I will give you some Christian dating advice that will hopefully help you meeting your true soulmate.

You can’t rely on your church congregation to be your source for scouting Christian singles.

God promises to feed the birds, but He does not throw worms into a bird’s nest.

It is up to every creature to get out of their comfort zones and pursue what they want.

Years later as an adult and the owner of three dating websites, including a site for Christian singles, I have come to realize that God truly does have a partner designed for each person.Despite the popularity of mainstream dating sites that market to everyone, a niche Christian dating website would make more sense for you to join if your primary goal is to find a Christian partner.Why should you waste time on websites meeting singles who don’t care about faith when you could meet someone who is as steeped in their faith in God as you are?Jesus commanded believers to go and spread the gospel to everyone in every nation, and many Christians create opportunities to publicly share their personal testimonies with the world.Witnessing to Christians and to non-believers can lead to intense connections and growth in your faith as well as the faith of people who you encounter.After all, life is more about who you know and not what you know.

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