Christian dating when to kiss

The pros found in the safety of zero physical intimacy before marriage are the potential cons of guilt, shame and awkwardness in sexuality after marriage.

I thought that was old news, that we’d laid to rest the “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” era and moved on to new topics. Maybe you’ve noticed, but the Courtship movement has recently received some major attention from both national television and recent entertainment. I am not putting down the concept of courtship, and I never will.Within that calling there is great freedom in relationships, but with great freedom, always comes great responsibility.Whether courtship, dating or something else—may God give us the wisdom to pursue relationships however He has called us to—but always with wisdom, love and holiness.For each pro, there is a potential con depending on who you are and how you approach relationships.Healthy relationships aren’t about eliminating all cons, because that’s not possible, but instead, they are about making the most of our interactions with the opposite sex by doing them in a way that leaves us with no regrets.As long as we stick to God’s principles and deal with one another in a God-honoring way, we have the freedom to pursue relationships in the way that works best for each of us.

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