Christian courtship versus dating

I would recommend reading this article (“Working Arrangement” by professor of History and Philosophy at the Université Paris Diderot Justin E. The woman was a unit of social exchange, and, as Smith says “marriage was for most of human history a variety of exchange, one that consolidated social ties between families or clans.” Now, onwards: David Herlihy, who studied daily and women’s roles in medieval society, is best known for his 1984 work If a man or woman wished to marry, he or she, or someone on his or her behalf, had to meet certain costs, the size of [the dowry] was subject to negotiation.Of course, religious beliefs, values, customs, and the like played a role of major importance in marriage, who was desirable as a partner, and how courtship should be pursued.What happens in game is pretty well in line with our commonly held beliefs about Medieval marriages.‘Loveless’, ‘cold’, ‘political’, and ‘forced’ are all words that jump to mind.Hopefully this will be both comprehensive and easy to follow.Let us then begin with: The Betrothal Before you go any further, I should add that we, mid-way through the first decade of the second millennium have a very different idea of marriage. If you really can’t be stuffed reading (come on, just do it) it’s essential point is that the modern idea of marriage and family is very recent in it’s development, and so it would be deeply anachronistic to think that marriage in the Middle Ages was in anyway similar to the modern equivalent.

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In game the money you pay is equivalent to the prestige the marriage would give you. f 269" srcset=" w=500 500w, w=1000 1000w, w=150 150w, w=300 300w, w=768 768w" sizes="(max-width: 500px) 100vw, 500px" / Leave a comment Filed under Home, Society Tagged as betrothal, brideprice, CK2, Crusader Kings II, David Herlihy, dowry, Gene Brucker, James A Brundage, marriage, medieval history, medieval sexuality, Medievalism, Paradox Interactive A few weeks ago I bought the Way of Life DLC, loaded up a new game, and started playing.

The dowry, in actuality, was a negotiation between families to ensure the success and stability of the new couple’s household. Both physically, but also in regards to the lord’s prestige.

The groom was also expected to give a gift to the bride, a gift which at some points in history became cripplingly expensive*. A slider with zero on one end and the legal maximum amount the family of the bridegroom were allowed to ask for (possibly a 1/4 their total wealth? A basic marriage market would be easy to work out too, changing the amount the AI would ask for depending on how many nubile women or men were available. In return the vassal is promised safety, and wealth both moveable and in land.

Hopefully they accept and you try and get a few Attractive/Strong/Genius babies before your wife hits the age of 45.

If you’ve played the game before, you’ll know this is standard CKII eugenics.

[…] But at all times both custom and law left considerable scope for a system of bidding and response, for market interactions, in sum.

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