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The potential benefits are obvious: get it right, and you build consumer affinity, affection and saliency for your brand.

Nestle's Polo brand, a JWT client, took advantage of the snow blanketing the country in December 2009 with a 'Polo snow stamp', which left a perfect replica of the mint in thick fresh snow.

Spencer Mc Hugh, director of brands at EE, says the brand wants to be 'modern, of the moment and culturally relevant', which 'may or may not' tie in with a news story.

'We don't go out to find something to associate (EE) with, but we felt "Fenton" was a way of showcasing a big technological advance.' Whether marking a first anniversary of a viral makes a brand 'culturally relevant' remains to be seen.

Hunter believes that EE's Fenton spoof may have missed the wave.

That is not to say that there can never be planning.

Something as simple as unexpected weather was enough for Polo to place itself in the moment and become part of the conversation.

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