Cd conversion music updating how to write dating head lines

Indeed when I had major problems a few years ago I had to go to a different hospital to ensure (in my opinion) that I was treated properly. if you see anything rather strange on here - report it via my contact form... Doing this has taken a while, but rest assured that now this website is completely secure - I had to jump through these hoops thanks to 'Google' again dictating very stringent criteria so that they don't 'demote' your website down their lists.

And to think that some people actually like Google! a very nasty money driven organization that sucks data (and money) from anyone who even remotely uses them in any way.

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest to 'guess the guitar' and if you won then well done, and if you did not, better luck next time. have a wonderful Christmas and a great new year and I look forward to doing more of those close up reviews to show what is or is not the best guitarists gear around. The Gravity Waves CD is now available everywhere and I'm getting back to updating this website over the next few weeks with lots of reviews and updates of website.

Here's a rundown of what's to come presently so check back as these come on line.

In any case, over the next month or so (well through to January 4th or thereabouts) I'll be getting back to updating this website with the reviews I should have completed, but will include the video reviews also as I go as they are an important part of the overall reviews for this website and I do think those offer a different perspective than the written word. I have a very sore left arm at the moment and I can't play right now - and even typing is harder to do... I decided to add a review of the Marshall 2555X Silver Jubilee Head that I recently bought because that amp is such a strong amplifier you should get to see the full written review.

It is now on the menu but it all takes time which I'm now getting back in to on here. Unfortunately my sister was recently very ill and resulted in her death from spinal cancer.

I noticed that Roland Boss have a new Effects unit the GT-1000 which promises some wonderful stuff at a great price.

As soon as I can get one I'll be doing an inside and out review. I added a section on the menu's to review music that is sent to me.

Originally scheduled for 2014 but not out until now because of health problems from 2014...

I will be updating the site a little over Christmas hopefully.

My left arm suffered from 'tendonitis' and has been hard to get rid of but it is slowly going away. earlier I was distressed because my sister passed away with cancer...

I was going to get back to this site as you see below in July but never really had the time as I was working on many video reviews as well as going on vacation.

Thankfully the reviews in video format are now slowing a little and some of the You Tube guys are crazy people who I have little time for, but thankfully the good guys appreciate what I do. I look forward to bringing online some of this stuff as I said so please do come back and check as we get through the end of December when I have spare time to complete more reviews. Well I am back working on this website again and starting to update and add some more reviews as well as working to complete others on here.r 2016 some of the reviews I have completed in bold, but others will be updated as I get to them.

We're offering the 'Berner Street' album free if you buy the Gravity Waves CD on there so its a good deal. In other stuff on You Tube ( I have recently reviewed a Chupacabra amp from Ceriatone, a Bogner Wessex pedal, a Fulltone 'Secret Freq', and a Fender Elite Stratocaster among other stuff such as a Line6 35 wireless microphone system.

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