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Make sure to leave a protective cushion between the amp and the box.

During shipping the amp will be exposed to rough handling. Carvin is not responsible for shipping damage due to improper boxing. Slide the lock (round circular part of the lock) to the left to open case.

Note: In "AC Resistance" the reading would be more like 3.2 for 4 ohms and 6.2 for the 8 ohm speaker.

This is because the small wire inside the speaker making up the voice coil is only capable of clean non-clipped power levels.If you plug the speaker into an amp it can damage it. The amp should be boxed up in its original packaging.If that is not possible, then box it up as best you can.Like indicated in the picture, and the lever will pop out.The case will not be locked, the key is inside the case. Click on link, to see video: How to open guitar case.This is were the "under powering a speaker" myth has been so twisted in it's understanding.

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