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We would like to acknowledge the collaborative efforts of the 43 participating research teams from Europe and North America and the ongoing support of the International Coordinating Centre in Scotland, as well as the International Databank Coordinating Centre in Norway.

The administration of the HBSC survey and the presentation of findings in this report were made possible by funding from the Public Health Agency of Canada's Division of Children, Seniors and Healthy Development.

We would like to acknowledge Stoney Mc Cart, and her staff from The Students Commission, lead of the Centre of Excellence for Youth Engagement, for their work in bringing together young people to elicit their input on the findings and for their additional work in collecting the views of young people.

Student feedback was elicited in Saskatchewan under the leadership of David Shanks by Core Neighbourhood Youth Co-operative (CNYC) that provides a safe space for youth in Saskatoon's core neighbourhoods. Hatala at the University of Saskatchewan who provided youth comment through "From Embers to Flames: Identifying strategies of resilience and mental health among inner-city Aboriginal youth project." Student input was also collected as part of the Child Health 2.0 research program, which is funded through an open operating grant from the Canadian Institutes for Health Research and led by Drs. We would also like to thank the young people who so candidly shared with us their thoughts and experiences and their perspectives on the HBSC findings.

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We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to school administrators and teachers across Canada, and above all, to the over 29,000 young Canadians who contributed their views and insights to make this survey possible.

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JCSH members provided active support in the data collection phase of the study.

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