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BST eltromat International offers various digital sensors that scan the web touch-free by registering contrasts in light.

These videos can be viewed on your smart device or laptop, and also downloaded via your laptop for a permanent copy. Please download them to your smart device or laptop, if you wish to keep them permanently.The SHARE series extend the flexibility of the CAM selectors by adding sources mixing and combining effects for a more efficient on line collaboration.In addition to the front buttons, you can control them via serial and Ethernet as well.Tested apps include Skype®, Quicklaunch®, Hangouts®, ZOOM®, Vidyo®, Livecast®, v Mix®, etc.The best way to test your application is that if it works with a single camera, you can have more cameras with Inogeni CAM products.In other words you can use them in a Crestron controlled room or at a remote site.

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